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Is This Story Yours? Resolving a Mindset Crash…02

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Is This Story Yours?
Resolving a Mindset Crash…

Do you see yourself here?

What a person believes is important.

So is selecting the foundation for a house you re building.

Just as you don t build your own house on rented land, or sand, your own internal world can be accidentally built based on ideas which you haven t examined.

I had been through 20 years of believing certain facts to be true, when they were actually just made up. But the beliefs were so strong, that the arguments (also based on those facts ) were held in place despite contradictions obvious on all sides.

All those facts turned out to be sand, taken from earlier authors in snippets, without attribution. Not even rented, but lifted wholesale. So the original rock-solid ideas were ground to pebbles, then sand, and only then held together like a sand sculpture with water. That works until the strong sunshine of workable truths start drying things out.

This is what cults do. They re-interpret other data in light of their own pre-set facts so that everything still aligns.

The end of a cult is when the personal benefits of following are outweighed by penalties for continuing. Individuals start realizing that the world outside doesn’t follow those facts they’d swallowed.

This is known as a paradigm shift. It s also known as a belief crisis. A mental crash.

When cults have too many people seeing through their facts, they collapse.

Another word for this is Failure.

Entrepreneurs have said often that the road to success is paved with failure. Edison himself said that he needed to make 10,000 failures in order to make the one success of the electric light bulb. WD40, the remarkable loosener for stuck bolts and nuts, was reportedly preceded by 39 earlier attempts.

But people don t often view their on lives as a Startup.

Perhaps they should.

Might be less painful.

What do you think?

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