Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Is This As Good As it Gets? Mindset re-Stacking Solutions

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Is This Really Just As Good As it Gets?

Jack Nicholson’s character, in the movie of the same name, asks a waiting room full of other characters, What if this is as good as it gets?

Then he spends the rest of the movie disproving that question. But it sets the theme for the story.

It is our question, too.

The world we are told about in all our media is a strange, even bizarre, and violent world. Yet for the bulk of us (especially in the U.S.) it just isn t true. We don t see violence. We don t see starvation. People generally tend to live a rather safe and dull routine daily. (Some cities like Chicago are current exceptions.)

But can we do better?

Some of us have this itch to see what is on the other side of that mountain, who lives just beyond the horizon, how much of these problems we are given daily can be simply solved. A name for some of these are Adventurers, also called Entrepreneurs. These are the people who create the jobs so that the rest of us can live out our mundane existence in quiet safety and not too much discomfort.

And those jobs allow us to buy our food and clothes and cars, as well as paying for our movies and entertainment. Sure, we have to work 40-hour weeks (more or less, depending on regulations) but we have a way to earn the income we need to provide for our families and even take some vacations now and then.

But can we do better?

The masses who live and work in Mundania seem content enough with their jobs and wages and movies and dining out. And everywhere they go, they deal with people who have jobs and wages and movies and dining out.

They simply don’t know what they are missing. The possibilities for each of us is endless. The abilities we can regain, and skills and talent are limitless.

We can each have and be anything and everything we ever dreamed of.

Instead of working 40 years for someone else at a job you weren’t particularly fond of, only to retire on a limited income and dependent on government checks to round things out you could instead work only at things you loved to do. You could be paid so much that you feel obligated to give most of it away, because you couldn’t think of anything useful to do with it.

Shooting for the starts in order to hit the moon would be a daily occurrence in your life. You could live constantly at your peak performance levels and love every second of life.

But we don’t.

We could, though.

The only limits are our own mindset and how we’ve stacked it.

Surely, it couldn’t be that simple…

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