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Cause and Effect: The Self-Policing Law for Mindset Stacks

Cause and Effect: The Self-Policing Law - Make Yourself Great Again(Click to download this audio.)

Cause and Effect: The Self-Policing, Universal Law

There is one law in this universe which cannot be broken as it s self-policing.

Whatever you do to others will be done to you.

Some people know this as the Golden Rule, and have memorized, Love your neighbor as yourself. But most don t figure out that this has to do with every single action they take, not just being charitable on Sundays into the offering plate.

Savvy business people see another version of this, where a person succeeds to the degree his product or service is valuable. This is simply Cause and Effect. Put out a good product that helps people improve their lives, tell them how to get it, and then let them exchange for it. When it works well for them, they ll tell people they know, who in turn will try to find that product to solve their own version of that same problem.

These same people know that if they aren t getting the sales they expect, then they need to look over their product and how they are promoting it. If the product is good, and people can find out how to get it, and if they are allowed to exchange for it, then you ll get sales.

You can also give away very valuable material and get a substantial return. Try smiling at everyone you see. Keep this up for several weeks and soon people will start smiling at you as soon as they see you – before you see them.

Similarly, the critical are usually surrounded by critical people.

And here s the warning about this:

Acting for good will improve things around you and allow others to help you improve your own life. You can have all the riches, good health, and great relationships that you can dream of.

Acting for bad doesn t work exactly the same way. People who are destructive to others are also self-destructive. Their life, family, and friendships implode. While they may temporarily get their way, the Golden Rule will catch up with them inevitably, and they ll wind up sick, broke, and alone.

This could be overall why the human culture tends to improve as they go along. It also indicates how people with excess income tend to give it away if they don t have a use for it. This is why many multi-millionaires have become philanthropists in their elder years.

If Good and Bad were equally balanced on this earth, there would never have been any progress. Any study of history shows that despite government-generated wars and strife and starvation, humankind on it s own is on a steady upward trend of improving technological advance, higher disposable income per family, and better health overall.

Sure, we ve done our boneheaded actions with pollution and creating deserts where there were once lush landscapes. What we see now, with our more accurate hindsight, is that humankind will correct these and influence those around them to do the same.

You also see that ideas such as personal responsibility, freedom, and human rights are spreading across the globe and being adopted gradually in all lands. This isn t a government action. Factually, even a representative government where people honestly and factually elect their own leaders can t be forced on any nation.

Old habits die hard, as has been said.

How people think is supported on all sides by the people around them.

Freedom tends to spread by commerce, where people meet to exchange goods and services for the various commodities called money. The better the rule of law, the more commerces is protected, and the more prosperous people in general become.

You ve seen now how and why this occurs.

This also points out that the most effective way to promote personal rights, responsibility, and freedom on this planet is to do it by peaceful interchange.

What fails is to support violence in any form.

Violence can temporarily spread as a habitual approach to living, but is destructive and will kill itself off. We are seeing this with terrorism. Their actual effects are few, and they are being hunted globally.

We also see this in our national news media that concentrate on broadcasting violent tragedies. Recent reports show mainstream media outlets have been losing viewers for years and surveys show that trust is at an all-time low, about the same as Congress.

What we know about this is that the value they are giving isn t as much as what s wanted.

In buying into the urge to spread violence, they are being self-destructive. The result is a worsened bottom line.

In our days of Internet choice, people are moving to other venues to get their data.

If these media outlets want to reverse this trend, they need to get in touch with actual viewers/readers/listeners, then find out, and actually give them more than what they want in extremely valuable content. And they have to do this consistently over time.

The apparent trend for our main-scream media is to implode slowly. All media other than Internet-based versions are losing viewers and users every year. Those media which can be easily and quickly chosen ebb and flow, but generally tend to increase over time as people are not stuck into a single channel or sets of material, but are able to change at will.

Eventually, the media routes which enable very high-quality content will replace the others. Until then, you have to ask yourself if this is worth your time reading, viewing, and listening to enforced content. Will this give you positive habits that will improve your life, or will their programs only keep you upset and critical?

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