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The Power Which Makes All Desires Obtainable

CTF The Power Which Makes All Desires Obtainable

(An excerpt from If You Can Count to Four available on Amazon)

The Power Which Makes All Desires Obtainable

There is only one power in the entire universe, but there are many applications and expressions of this one power. One of the most important expressions of this one power is what we ordinarily refer to as will power. Through the proper understanding of will power one can obtain the fulfillment of any desire whatsoever.

Let me hasten to say in the beginning of this chapter, however, that will power is not creative and will power is not the most important power known to man, but will power directs the power which is creative.

May I refer to the fact again and again that everyone is especially designed to serve in a particular channel of service, and they are especially designed to serve effectively in that particular channel. Even though this is true, 98 people out of every 100 are not aware of what their particular channel is. 98 people out of every 100 do not know exactly what they want to be or what they want to have.

But, those who have made the decision, and have become aware of what they want to be and what they want to have, will be very happy indeed to learn how to use the will power, and its relationship to the creative power, through the proper use of the conscious and subconscious mind.

Now let us define and try to illustrate will power. For example, let’s consider building the top of a beautiful table. Several boards are necessary. These boards are finished, and arranged so that they fit beautifully together. Then our master craftsman puts the glue on these boards and sticks them together. But the glue, until it dries, does not have the power to hold the boards together. What does the craftsman do to the board, from the time he puts the fresh glue on, until the glue dries, and they stick together by themselves?

Using wood clamps, he clamps the boards together solidly told the board in place until the glue dries and the power of the glue takes over. You will notice that the clamps have a mechanical clamping effect of holding these boards steadily in place. But, only for a short period of time do the clamps serve this indispensable purpose. As soon as the power in the glue takes over, the clamps can be removed because they have served their purpose.

The will power is like the clamps which hold the boards together, and the law of cosmic habit force or the great power of habit in the subconscious is like the glue. When we decide what we want to be, we used our will power or our mental clamps, and we force ourselves to think in terms of what we want to be for a long period of time until we can build a new habit pattern in the subconscious, so the habit pattern will take over and automatically Cause us to think in the pattern which we have chosen.

This is all very simple indeed. The majority of the people in the world are not aware of this simplicity or just exactly how they can intelligently direct the use of this tremendous power so they can learn to be what they want to be and have what they want to have.

Let us take a few very familiar examples of how this works. A young man gets out of high school and he decides he wants to be a doctor. He knows that in order to be a doctor he must go to school for, say 7 to 10 years. At the present time, having just graduated from high school, he is not a doctor. He is just a high school graduate. As a high school graduate, he has just completed certain basic requirements in order to receive his diploma from high school, and from the standpoint of thought processes, his mental processes are not so arranged so that anyone can safely say he is a doctor in any field.

But, through his will power the can direct his attention, day after day, month after month, year after year for a long period of years, to the study of all of the facts and things that pertain to his chosen field, until he build hundreds of habit patterns in the subconscious relative to being a doctor. Having controlled his attention through will power a sufficient length of time, on each item, until it becomes established and the glue takes over, throughout the remainder of his life, he automatically responds from those habit patterns of being a doctor instead of a high school graduate.

So, through the use of his will power, controlling his attention until these habit patterns are established, he becomes what he decided to be. Now, every mental process, which he experienced during his years of training to become a doctor, were experiences based upon these basic rules.

You can readily see that all he had to do was to make a firm and deep convicted decision that he wanted to become a doctor, and then follow through in his training, by using his mind and controlling his attention units, exposing himself to all of this wonderful information and experience.

In so doing, he changed his being or his habit patterns, so he could no longer say that he was just a high school graduate, but that he was a PhD in his chosen field, able to serve in a special capacity.

The same process, which makes it possible for a young person to become a doctor in his chosen field, is the same process that a housewife uses in making a cake. She decides that she is going to make a certain type of cake and she uses her will power and she directs her attention to the making of that cake.

Now, if she only makes one take, by having to control her attention to consciously, by the use of will power, the cake would probably be very good, but not the best cake possible. But, if she will control her attention by the use of the will power, and make a cake every few days, within a period of weeks, she will build a pattern of efficiency and she no longer will have to use the will power.

She will be able to take the clamps off and let the habit pattern takeover and then she will be able to make a wonderful cake on every occasion. I am sure all of us now begin to realize that this simple law and simple process makes it possible for us to change all of our old habits into desirable habits so we can be anything we want to be and have anything we want to have.

Frequently, people tell me they just can’t change their old habit patterns, and they can’t entertain these new ideas and make them part of themselves. They know it is possible for others to be successful and other people to have the finer things in life, but they just don’t understand how they can do these things themselves.

Let me emphasize this simple fact. Everyone has a will power. Everyone has a conscious mind. Through the conscious and subconscious mind, we are able to design, according to our own specifications, the kind of life we want to live and the type of things we want to have.

By designing these desires with our conscious mind and implanting them into our subconscious mind, which has access to unlimited resources of wisdom and knowledge, we will have all of the necessary ingredients to make our dreams come true. But, we must discipline ourselves and not continue to let the old habit patterns dominate us.

We all know that the most comfortable thing to do is to just sit back and relax and let the old habit patterns dominate our lives. We don’t want to use any extra energy to think the thoughts or to entertain new ideas, new plans or any new activities. All we want to do is to let our thoughts run on the old tracks which have been established for years.

However, it is our privilege to decide exactly what we want to be an exactly what we want to have, and through the use of our will power and self-discipline, we can direct our attention toward these new things, and can neutralize all the old patterns and make new patterns so we automatically become want to be and want to have.

The average person could literally turn the world upside down and they would become keenly aware of this simple use of will power and self-discipline. Every great man, and every great woman, in history, discovered the use of the will power and self-discipline in order to become great in their particular channels of service.

They had to learn to say, “No, thank you” to everything with which they were confronted, from day to day, in the form of suggestions, which did not contribute toward reaching their definite major purpose.

I remember very distinctly how deeply impressed I was when I studied the life of Henry Ford. Henry Ford had many wonderful qualities, but one of the outstanding qualities was the fact that he learned to discipline is taught attention. He made up his mind that he was in the business of manufacturing and merchandising inexpensive units of transportation.

Hundreds of people approached him, trying to get him interested in other things because they knew he had plenty of money. But, Mr. Ford tells in his book under the title “my life and work” that he learned to distinguish between that which was relevant and material, and that which was irrelevant and immaterial and learned to listen only to that which contributed to his objective. He learned to say, “No, thank you.”

The majority of the people in the world are limiting themselves. They are suffering lacking limitation because they are victimized, every day, by suggestions and influences to which they should learn to say, “No, thank you, I don’t have time. I’m sorry but I’m not interested in that because it does not contribute to my main channel of service to humanity.”

This matter of using the will power and self-discipline not only applies to controlling our attention to help us to design that which we want to be and that which we want to have, but it also helps us to establish habit patterns, so we can refuse to let any outside force interfere with our giving our time and efforts and energies toward the reaching of our dreams and objectives.

We all know that happiness is a state of mind. We all know that a state of mind is developed because of the thoughts which we permit ourselves to think.

It takes quite a little will power and self-discipline to read the various publications and not be bothered by all of the tragedies and negative situations which are described and reported. I subscribe to a few select magazines and newspapers which I can, in a minimum of time, scan through the important developments in the news of the world from a positive point of interpretation.

Consequently, through the use of will power and self-discipline, I do not expose my subconscious from day to day to dozens of negative situations which are none of my business. Hence my time and energy are not wasted on something which does not contribute to the wonderful channel of service in which I happen to be engaged.

I would highly recommend that you take inventory of how much time you spend each day reading a newspaper. Find that portion of the newspaper, which seems to engage most of your attention and classify whether it is positive or negative.

Also, your television programs, the magazines which you read, and the people with whom you associate, could be classified into categories of positive or negative. Every category of contact with life should be classified and listed in two columns, one positive and one negative.

Through the use of will power, you can develop a new habit of giving attention only to that which is positive and not allowing negative situations to occupy your attention. This will be a little difficult, and it will take a little time to build these new thought patterns, but through the wonderful mechanism of habit and the instrument of the will power, you can begin now to direct your attention along any particular channel of thought which you desire.

You will have to clamp that attention unit hard at first, because it wants to run on the old undesirable pattern, but, after you have clamped it there, with the will power, for a period of time, a new track has been built and you can take the mental clamp off. Your thoughts will run automatically on the desired track and you will begin to experience a state of happiness and joy and livingness which you would have never been able to experience before because you are now free of all negativity. All of your thoughts, in the future, will automatically go along the lines of the good, the true and the beautiful.

At any given split second of our lives, there is enough of the sad and discouraging and the disappointing to them to demand all of our attention. Also, at the same split second, there is enough of the good and the true and the beautiful to occupy all of our attention.

Inasmuch as our great Creator created us with the privilege of choosing, at any given split second, that to which we should give our attention, we have the choice and the privilege and responsibility of directing our attention only toward that which is good and true and beautiful. Of course, once we learn to see the truth about any situation, we will be able to see the good, the true and the beautiful in every situation.

We have been told all of the great sacred writers of the ages, to judge not by appearances. In other words, we are not to judge a situation just from what we see with the natural eye, but we are taught to judge according to the truth about it, the inner truth, its premise and design and why it happened.

I am very proud to be able to say that there is no situation in my life, or in any other person’s life, that if we knew the whole inner truth, we would be able to rejoice and be exceedingly glad. We would see that the inner design is based upon a purpose and a noble objective as a part of an integrating idea. It may be expressing itself, in many cases, in a disintegrating fashion, but if we could see the whole, we would see the integrating part as the center of attraction.

What appears to be tragedy or discouragement is merely a rearrangement of the component parts of the integrating center. If we are capable of interpreting this rearrangement, the net result is always good, true and beautiful.

One of the passages from the sacred writings says, “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” God is good and the heart is what we see with our inner mind. So, blessed are the pure in the inner mind because they see what they are instead of what is. The only thing we can see with a pure inner mind is that which is pure and that which is good and true and beautiful.

So let us open up our minds in the spirit of the humility of a little child and let us grasp as much as possible of these great inner truths of the universe. Let’s realize that we have a conscious mind which can reason either “A” type or “B” type and that we have a subconscious mind which is our connecting link with infinite intelligence.

Through the proper use of directing our attention in the conscious mind, we can establish any new habit pattern we desire. Through the proper use of will power and self-discipline, we can neutralize or eliminate or annihilate any old undesirable pattern and can replace it with any desirable experience choose.

We can, through the proper use of our mental powers, set the great universal law in motion, and we can become anything we want to be and we can have anything we want to have. We learned previously that we think only one thought at a time, we are thinking constantly, we can control that one thought, we are what we are right now because of the sum total of our thoughts throughout the past, and we can become anything we want to become by being keenly aware of this one thought.

Through the will power, we direct it so it expresses itself in regard to our dreams until it becomes a habit pattern, so we automatically think in terms of our dreams fulfilled.

So, let’s definitize what we want to be.

  • Do you want to be genuinely happy? Do you want to understand the inner laws of harmony, peace, joy and expression? You can be that kind of a person.
  • Do you want to be a person of wisdom to know how to apply the facts?  You can be that kind of a person by appropriating these suggestions.
  • Do you want to be a person of poise, have a beautiful soul filled with love, kindness, compassion, humility and understanding? You can be that kind of a person.
  • Do you want to have a consciousness of abundance so that you have facilities for expressing life? You can have all those wonderful things.

You not only can have a wonderful home, and a wonderful automobile and all the things that go with that type of home life, but you can have all of the things that your heart desires, if you will learn these basic rules of the mental processes.

When I say, you can be anything you want to be and you can have anything you want to have, it is because we live in an inexhaustible universe, where there is an inexhaustible supply of every desirable state of beingness and every desirable thing you can imagine.

Let me challenge you to make large plans, for they have magic to stir men’s blood.

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