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Some Different Examples of The Count to Four System

CTF Some Different Examples of The Count to Four System1

(An excerpt from If You Can Count to Four – available on Amazon)

Some Different Examples of The Count to Four System

Unless you have experienced it, you do not know it for sure. If you have experienced it, you can share your experience and you can recognize your experience in other people’s experiences.

There are two major motives for sharing an experience. One is to impress others. The other reason is to help others. I am in the business of helping others, so I will share some of my experiences with you, along with some observations of other people’s experiences, which means something to me, because of the fact that I have experienced something similar.

Some of my experiences will have happened when I was quite young, when I was growing up on the farm in Tennessee, as a member of a large family of 14. Some will be after I left Tennessee, when I was 18 years of age, and lived in Phoenix, Arizona with my sister. Some, after I was married at the age of 20, in Phoenix, in 1937, up to the time I started the big experiment with big ideas and became well-known as a successful businessman, lecturer, television and radio personality, world traveler and writer.

There are two major periods in my life. One, the many years of poverty and a feeling of inferiority. Two, after I discovered the secret of genuine success so that I could use it consciously, and became, what the average man calls, rich and full of self-confidence.

First, I will share with you what I call an unusual example then I will share several usual examples.

A Multi-Million Dollar Business

In 1953, I reached a point in my research and the “The Count to Four System” that I decided to really give it the test. I had discovered that there are great laws or principles in the universe, which are invisible, but tangible and real, just like electricity, mathematics and chemistry. One of these principles is that if anyone will find a great human need, in which he has absolute confidence, and find an especially designed answer to that need, in which he believes with all his being, then burn all his bridges and dedicate his life to taking the answer to the need in quality and quantity, that he will experience a large measure of happiness, health and prosperity.

I have learned that principle was not limited by precedent and that the formula was based upon absolute laws in the universe. So, I decided to start from scratch, and use the formula to organize a company completely from the standpoint of the principle of genuine success and the formula. My focal point of attention would be entirely from the premise of the secret of genuine success, and not from the usual business point of view. In other words, our first interest would be “the customer’s point of view,” not making as much money as possible.

We would operate according to good, sound business methods, but our motives, that is our first motives, would be, “expressing the principle of genuine success,” which is a habitual attitude of rendering a genuine service to people. That would be our first source of joy. I knew that there is a law of compensation in the universe that always pays a man in the coin of the realm, yes, in dollars and cents, exactly, according to the quality and quantity of service he renders.

So, I knew that if I developed the habit of thinking, first of all, in terms of SERVICE, I would not only experience more joy and a feeling of gratification, but, since I would naturally render more quality and quantity of service with that attitude, I would automatically earn and receive more money.

I would be paid, according to the service rendered, so if I specialized in service and rendered millions of units of it, then I would become a millionaire in spite of myself.

Sounds like a beautiful dream, doesn’t it? Well, that is all it was in early 1953.

I had done pretty well up to that time in many ways, but I had never really made very much money. I started with the telephone company in 1937 at $15 per week, working up to $30 per week by 1941. Then went into the insurance business, and, along with my research in the field of the mental processes, I earned as high as $500 per month average, until I went into the Air Corps in 1943.

As a pilot instructor for the Air Corps, I earned as high as $500 per month. Then, in 1945, I was back in civilian life. From 1945 until 1948, I went to college in Los Angeles, lectured and sold insurance part-time. I made a living during those years, but little more. In 1948, I became a manager for a large life insurance company, and from then until 1951 I earned $10,000 per year and up to $20,000 at times, as I was on a commission. But all this time, I had not saved any money to speak of. So, in 1953, I started with no savings. I had three mortgages on my home, a lien on my car, a note at the bank, and I borrowed several thousand dollars from personal friends. With an absolute faith in the formula, I started my dream.

One, I identified my dream. My dream was to help hundreds of thousands of people in the nutritional field. I wanted a stable sales force in the entire 48 states, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii and eventually the entire world. I wanted all the necessary business structure to carry out such an operation. I knew it would take office buildings, a large staff of executives, accountants, attorneys, communication specialists, sales people by the tens of thousands, operating capital, etc. I had nothing but a house with three mortgages, and a million dollars worth of faith in the formula. It said, “Just identify your dream, don’t ask the price or how you are going to get it.” So, I identified my dream and that is all you have to do with the Phase One part of the formula.

Two, I started to “pretend” that I already had my dream. I organized a company and used my dining room table for a home office. I called it my private suite of offices and elected myself president. I did not actually have a business telephone, a business card, or anything that looked to the outsider like I had much of a dream. But in my mind, I was the president of the greatest idea that had ever been designed.

Yes, in every way possible, I pretended that my dream was already a reality. However, at the same time, I literally went out and made retail sales each day, and along with retail sales, I hired and trained sales people as I had the time. I earned enough money, the first month by doing that, to pay my expenses. But as frequently as I could, I kept my mind on my dream. One of the things you do in the Two portion of the formula is to occupy your dream as frequently as possible.

While I was actually doing the work of the janitor, the shipping clerk, the bookkeeper, the stenographer, the office boy, the office manager, the sales force, and the Vice-President and the President in those early days in 1953, as often as possible, I lived in my dream of being the President of a multi-million dollar organization, helping hundreds of thousands of people each month. Yes, the Two part is to pretend that you already are what you want to be. It did not cost anything to pretend that I was already in my dream.

Number Three is saying, “No thank you” to every interference. I received quite a lot of what the average man would call discouragement from the start. One of my most trusted associates became disloyal to the principle, became excited over the financial possibilities and tried to steal the whole thing. I said, “I have absolute confidence in the Principle and the formula, therefore, this man’s activities will not hurt at all.” It, of course, did not. He has disappeared into obscurity and the dream has progressed beyond our dreams.

At various times, close associates have become disloyal to the principle and more loyal to the idea of making a fortune, and have vanished into obscurity, but the dream continues to grow and fulfill itself. Yes, number Three is very important. When you practice it, there is absolutely nothing that can disturb your progress in realizing your dream. I knew that, and have not been disturbed at any time.

Now, number Four. How did dream start with so many apparent handicaps and attain such stature in just four years? That is Phase Four of the formula. As I said, I started out working from my dining room table with not much overhead. I went out every day and sold from 2 to 5 retail customers. Also, I arranged to have two meetings each week. If I remember correctly, they were on Monday evenings and Thursday evenings.

I had been lecturing, for several years, on the Napoleon Hill Philosophy of Achievement, so at my meetings each time I would do several things. I would give a lesson on the Success Philosophy, then I would tell my story from a recruiting point of view, then I would give some help and training to those who were already in the sales force. So, as we say, I killed three birds with one stone. For some reason, my meetings grew and grew from week to week.

Pretty soon, men and women of high caliber were attracted to the idea and were trained to conduct their own meetings. We celebrated our 60th day in business by going to a nice lunch at the lovely Statler Hotel in Los Angeles. We had over 60 stable associates doing well the first 60 days. By our first anniversary, we had objective of 1000 well-established producing associates. We reached our goal.

There is a difference in having 1000 contracts in your files and then having 1000 producing, happy, well integrated people as your associates.

After eight months, I moved from my dining room table to a small suite of offices. My overhead still was less than $200 per month, as far as operating the dream. We were primarily interested, from the beginning, in expressing the principle, and not just building a big business in the usual fashion, so we did not try to impress anybody with a big front. We never have and we never will. The dream continued to grow.

In the spring of 1955, when it was almost 2 years old, we ran our story in a national magazine. That did it. We had already drifted into several states, through the internal premise of expansion, but now, through the story in the national magazine, we received letters from every state in the United States and most every part of the Dominion of Canada.

In a few months, we were servicing a few in the entire 48 states, and soon in Canada. Early in 1955, we produced a color slide sound film, which help to communicate our wonderful story a great deal. Our number of units of service doubled in less than two months after we obtained the “point of sale” film. All the time, from the beginning, almost every penny was put back into the business so it would grow and grow and grow in its capacity to help people.

Because of the nature of the principle upon which the dream was founded, and from which it functions, by 1955, several extremely high caliber men and women came to join the dream. Through these men and women, many others of their type came, to become associated with the idea. Pretty soon, over 1000 people a month joined the team. Then 2000 per month, then three, then four, and now over 5000 per month are joining the idea.

From the beginning, everything happened according to all the natural laws of the universe and the laws of the land. No laws have been violated. It has not been necessary to borrow millions of dollars as some businesses find it necessary to do, to build a business the size of the present operation. The most I have ever borrowed was $10,000, and that was when it was a year old.
Now, the dream is fulfilled in a measure at least. It has over 40,000 associates and over 5000 joining it each month. It is operating in 48 states and Canada, Hawaii and Alaska. A survey trip has been made of Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico. In the next few years, it will take its expression to those areas of the world.

Yes, The Count to Four Formula made it possible to start from scratch and build a multi-million dollar business.

Learning To Walk

It not only works, if you will use it, to build a multi-million dollar business, but every time a baby learns to walk, it uses it. Let’s analyze it. The baby sees adults walking and decides it wants to walk too. It identifies a desire. That’s Phase One. It assumes that it can walk and it tries to take a step. That’s Phase Two. It tries it over and over and over.

Its parents and brothers and sisters and neighbors try to discourage it from trying it too soon, but it goes right ahead and keeps on trying and trying. It pays no attention to them. That is Phase Three. Every time it feels the urge to try to take another step, it takes it, and soon it is walking. That is Phase Four. Every time one feels the urge to do something that would take him closer to his dream, he should do it. I feel that you can see now how everyone uses the formula in reaching every desire.

Buying A Mansion

I call this one buying a mansion because I feel that everyone should think of their favorite home as a mansion. Don’t think of it as a shack.

I had a really dynamic experience in 1947 buying my first home which to me was a mansion. I had never owned a home. I had no savings, with the exception of maybe $150 or so in a checking account. At that time, my budget was $200 per month. I made a little more than that, but I lived it up, going to school and traveling around, lecturing, and not making expenses. But I decided that I would test the formula out in regard to buying my favorite home. The formula says that you can have anything you want to have. I said, “If that is true, then I can pick out the home that I want and get it. If I don’t get it, I will prove that it is just a theory, and won’t really work in practical things like buying a nice home.” At the time, due to my actual cash reserve and average income, I should not consider buying a home at all. If I should consider it, I should, according to the advice of my conservative acquaintances, and my banker, buy an inexpensive one with a real small down payment and a small monthly payment. But the formula said to identify your dream and don’t ask the price in the number one phase.

I decided to really give it the test and go all out on absolute faith in the formula. If it should work, boy, would I have discovered something! In September 1947, I decided to start looking for my dream home. I went to the nicest part of town and just looked from the standpoint of “do I want it” not “can I afford it.” Finally, and not over, I found one that just “sizzled” me. When I saw it, every cell in my being said, “That’s for me.” So, I started my 1, 2, 3, 4 process. I put my name on it according to the plan.

One that is, in my mind, I identified it as mine. I exercise my mental processes on the assumption that it was mine. Each day, after I finished my work, instead of going to my regular home, I would drive out to this mansion as though I already live there. I did that day after day. I asked myself a thousand times, “How would I really feel if I lived there and people knew that I owned the property?”

Occasionally, I would show it to a friend of mine and tell him that it was mine, and my handball partner told me I was crazy. He knew my size, financially, at the time, and the value of the property. I just grinned and said inside me, “No thank you, you just don’t understand.” I kept 100% of my attention on the assumption that it was mine, still not considering the fact that the price was the price of a mansion and I had a $200 per month budget. Now, number four. How did I actually purchase the house and move into it just a short time later? I will be happy to give you as much detail as I can remember.

Needless to say, I finally stopped and called on the owner. He agreed to sell it. I did not tell him that I was broke. I merely told him that I wanted the house very much and it would take me a little while to get my affairs in order so that I could put all the money in escrow. I gave him two dollars as a token of my interest, and I wrote a binding contract that he would not sell it to anyone for so many days. He was offered a cash prize in the meantime, but he could not sell it because I had a two dollar binding contract for the period of time. I wrote a check for $500 which the real estate man said he would hold in escrow and not cash, as I did not have it in the bank. That is how I put it in escrow.

During the 30 days or so it was in escrow, I had a million ideas on raising money for the down payment, and how I could raise my income so I could make the payments.

The payments, plus a gardener, plus taxes and insurance was more than I was making at the time, not counting the fact that it would cost that much more to furnish it. The point I want to make is, that when one goes through The Count to Four Formula something happens inside your mind that will never happen unless you dare to test the formula.

After I dared to go through the number one phase and the number two and three phases, with no doubt whatsoever for a period of time, something terrific happened in my mind. I began to have ideas come into my mind by the hundreds that had never come before. Ideas on how to raise money for the down payment, as well as how to earn and received more income.

The average man, just like I had been up to that time, is not keenly aware that he must get some good ideas some way, otherwise he is stuck where he is. The formula, if you will dare to test it, will put your mind through the paces and developed it so it will give you a million good ideas. I needed several thousands of dollars for the down payment. I got the idea of writing several of my friends and telling them that I had finally decided to buy myself a home and needed $1000 to complete the deal. Several responded.

While I was in the service, I had loaned a friend of mine about $1500 and had considered it a loss, but I contacted him and he came through to help me get the house. I still needed $4500 on the down payment. I was in the real estate office one afternoon talking about my problems and it was rather humorously suggested that all I needed was an angel to just walk in the door and let me have the money.

Just at that very moment a very charming elderly lady walked into the reception room at the real estate office. She inquired if she could find out who was trying to buy the lovely home next door to her, which just happened to be the dream home I had in mind and was trying to buy. I was introduced to her and we became friends. A day or two later I called on this lady and told her my story and she and her husband helped me to the extent of taking a third mortgage on the house. They were retired bankers from Canada. But, I still needed $1500 more.

It was about time to close escrow, and meantime, the owner of the property had become personally interested in helping me obtain the house. So, of all things, I had two cars paid for. One was a pretty good old “buggy” and the other one a second car.

My better car was worth about $2000 at the time, so I suggested that he take my better car for the difference. He did and gave me his old jalopy to boot. So the house cleared escrow and it was mine. It was mine, provided I could make the big payments. I started working on this project in September 1947. My wife’s birthday is November 19th. I delivered a deed, that is a copy of the deed, to her on her birthday as a complete surprise to her. She did not know that I was working on the plan at all at the time.

Meantime, my subconscious mind had been doing some thinking about how to increase my income. I had been an agent for an insurance company since 1941. But now, I had to really get busy and do something that would double my income. I got the idea of looking around and applying for a sales manager’s job with some insurance company. I made contact and became manager of a large life insurance company for the county in which was located my new dream home. I went to work day and night selling insurance, hiring and training men to sell life insurance and believe it or not, I made the payments and lived in the dream home from January 1948, until January 1955, until the 1,2,3,4 formula had worked so well, that I moved into my next dream home.

And, by the way, just last week I moved again to a nicer dream home still, where a 48 foot yacht sits in the private pier in the front yard. It is impossible to convey all the mental processes that take place in an experience like that. But I hope this experience will give many of you the courage to test the formula, as it has certainly worked in every case for me. I know now that it works.

Having Your Own Television Program

I have always been keenly interested in doing as much good for others as possible.

When television came along in the middle 40s, I immediately saw the vast possibilities of getting a message across to the millions on television. So, I said to myself that one day I would have my own program.

I wanted to share my message to others, via television, very much. In 1954, I decided that the time had come to start the 1,2,3,4 process.

So, we started it and went through the entire process. I identified myself as a television personality and every time I stood before an audience, I imagined that I was on television. I went through the 1,2,3, phases for a year, and part of phase 4. I did everything that I felt the urge to do. I went down to the various television stations and talk to them and told them of my ideas. I received nothing but discouragement for the first year.

One day, a man called me on the telephone. He said, “I hear that you are planning on doing a program on television, I think that I can help you.” At first, I said, “No, I am working with several other ideas right now.” But he insisted on arranging to have lunch with me. I had lunch with Ralph Rogers, and during our lunch together, I felt that at last I had found a man who understood my feelings, my true desire to do something for humanity. We began our work together in April 1955. In June, I started my first television program. I did 26 weeks on the ABC outlet in Los Angeles in 1955.

In 1956, I did 13 weeks on the ABC outlet in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Nashville, Tennessee. Also, under Ralph Rogers direction, I did 65 radio programs in 1956. I wrote 13 little booklets on the secrets of success in 1955 and have sold over 500,000 copies. At this time, we are filming shows for a syndicated network television program this fall. The 1,2,3,4 formula has worked again.

Writing a Book

For many years, I have had the idea that someday I would like to record my concept of success in a full-length book. But I did not want to just write a book. I wanted the finest title, the finest material that could be written from the standpoint of helping the average man. In the middle of 1956, I decided to test the formula, which at that time, I called the Alpha and the Omega. I did not call it The Count to Four Formula then. But the principal and the process was exactly the same. Anyway, I decided to identify the idea of the perfect title for my new book, which I would write as soon as I got the perfect title. I went through the whole process, over and over and over again. In fact, while on the trip around the world from October 15 to January 1, I did a lot of pretending that I had a real great title for my new book. 100 or more titles came through, but each time, my wife and I agreed that none of them were the real one. We knew, that when it did come, we would just know that it was the exact right one. No doubt about it!

Well, on January 24, 1957, I was in Cincinnati, Ohio, lecturing in a series. While taking a little nap, just before dinner at the hotel, I was half asleep and half awake, and my subconscious was really in a tizzy. It came through, just like a neon sign across the sky. “If You Can Count to Four…” You can be anything you want to be and have anything you want to have.

I knew that was it. I told my wife about it and she agreed, indeed, that was it. We called our Sales Manager, Mr. Earl Shoaff, and his wife, in the suite next to us, and told them about it, and they agreed right away that that was “it.” We called the home office, and arranged a conference telephone set up with our executive staff and told them about it, and they all agree that, at last, it had come through. So, the book is now written and you are reading “The Count to Four Formula” because of the principle behind the formula itself.

A Hayseed Moves To Town

As I have said, I was raised in a rural section of the middle part of the state of Tennessee in a large family of 14. We were poor, as far as this world’s goods were concerned, but my parents were the finest in the world. They had a large measure of the great values of the universe, which I call integrity, faith, courage and humility. I wore patched overalls to high school. I wanted to go to school more than anything else, and even though I had neither good clothes, nor any books, not even a pen or pencil of my own. The state did not furnish those things in those days.

I wanted an education so badly that I suffered the humiliation of wearing patched overalls to high school. This happened especially the first two years while I was attending a school called the Dibrell High School, a country high school about 6 or 7 miles from our farm. I rode a bus to this school.

In those days, there was a distinct caste system. The city boy and the country boy were so different that it appeared as though they were of different colors and lived in different countries. I was a poor, country boy. I do not think that any boy could ever feel anymore inadequate, inferior or more uncomfortable than I did. But I wanted to be a city boy more than anything in the world at that time.

I happened to be a pretty good basketball player during my freshman year and also my sophomore year. In 1934, while I was attending Dibrell High School, the county school, as a sophomore, the basketball team on which I was playing, won the district tournament. I made more points during the tournament than any player, even though I was playing the most unlikely position, which was called “back guard” at that time. I came to the special attention of the coach of the city high school because of my basketball efficiency. He invited me to come to the city in the fall and play football. I had never seen a football game at the time. The Dibrell High School did not have a football team and the city high school had had one for only a few years.

To my little mind at the time, to go to the city and attend school and play football was the most sizzling thing that could ever have been suggested to me. I was on fire for sure. My dear father was never athletically minded. He was too busy trying to make a little money so that his big, wonderful family could keep soul and body together.

I went home from the basketball tournament at all excited over the idea of going to town the next fall to school and play football. Boy! Did my father hit the roof! He sure did shut me up fast. The very idea was “ridiculous, impossible and silly, so if I even mentioned it again, I would do so at the risk of having my head knocked off,” as one would say in those days. Of course, none of the 14 kids ever literally got their heads knocked off, but we were pretty well convinced at times that we just might, if we should ever seriously entertain the idea of really crossing our wonderful, Puritan father. He was tough, and I do mean tough. At least he had us all completely convinced that he was.

But somehow, I, without knowing it at the time, used “The Count to Four Formula” on him. You see, the formula works if you will just identify your desire, pretend that you already have it, do not listen to any suggestion to the contrary, and do everything that you feel the urge to do that will gradually take you to your dream. I did just that with all of my being. Looking back and recapturing my inner thought movements, I wanted to go to the city and be a city boy, and play football more than anything in the world at the time. I was literally seething with a burning desire. If it had not been for the burning desire in my heart, I would not have dared go against my father’s orders. I not only respected my father, but I was afraid of him.

One, I sure did identify my dream. I pretended all summer, as I worked on the farm, that I was living with my big brother in the city and going to the city school as a city boy, playing football on the city team, boy, I lived that dream ten thousand times that summer. I would not listen to anyone if they said it could not be done. I was afraid to mention it very often to my father.

However, as my feelings grew into a condition of mind, I would mention it occasionally only as a possibility, to my father. At first, he would just sputter with objections.

Gradually, he broke down so that I could at least talk about it later on in the summer.

School was to start on a certain Monday morning in September. I had assumed that I was doing everything so realistically that I had persuaded my big brother and sister-in-law into letting me come and live with them and thereby fulfilling my dream. The stage was all set.

On Sunday afternoon, before the Monday morning that school was to start in the city, my big brother and his charming wife came out to visit us in the country. Everyone, with the possible exception of my father, knew what I intended to do. I was going to leave home and live with my brother at the risk of being disinherited by my father. I wanted to realize my dream so badly that I was willing to pay any price for it. When my brother and family got ready to go home late Sunday afternoon, I was all packed and I slowly left the house and made my way to their car, and went home with them.

My father still would not tell me that I could go. He had been so conditioned all summer by my persistent expression of my desire, that he stood stunned that Sunday afternoon and watched the whole drama take place without muttering a word. I wondered just what he would do. None of us would have been surprised at anything. But he lived through it graciously. He had been conquered by the “Count to Four Formula” Which he did not understand at the time. He lived to the wonderful age of 78, and passed on to a new expression, and in his last days he looked on me with a degree of wonderment that seemed to say in his heart, “What power did he use?”

I went to the city school, and became a football player. I doubt if I ever became a city boy in the sense that they were considered in those days. I learned to live as one of them, but as it has been said, “You can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy.”

Trip Around The World

I told you in the chapter on “imagination” how the Count to Four Formula worked in regard to obtaining your favorite automobile. So I won’t repeat the story, rather, I will tell you about how the formula worked in making it possible to take a trip around the world.

You know that there is really no such thing as “big” and “little” in a substantive sense.

Everything is big or little according to how it compares with something else.

Last year about this time, June 1956, I started planning to think largely. What would be the biggest test for the “Count to Four Formula” that I could think of? Here I was, dedicated to filling a great human need in the nutritional field and the success field. How could I express the formula in the largest possible fashion, to my mind in regard to my basic objectives?

I gave considerable thought to the idea. Soon, the idea of “taking a first-class trip around the world,” doing research in the field of nutrition, economic conditions, psychological conditions, etc., was forming in my mind. Also, we had bona fide inquiries from several countries in Europe and Asia regarding distribution of our products.

I brought up the subject to a few of my closest associates at a breakfast one Saturday morning in a hotel in San Diego, California, after having given a lecture there the Friday evening before. We all agreed that it would be one of the biggest examples of the application of the formula of success that we could consider at the time.

We all started putting it through the “process.” We define the idea. We began to assume or pretend or play as if we had already done it. (Of course, the fact that my associates gave me a beautiful globe for my birthday the year before had absolutely nothing to do with it). I had only gone around the world about 1000 times in my imagination during the time since I had received the lovely globe. Well, it worked like a charm. We breezed through the “Count to Four Formula” and the trip was planned by specialists.

Every detail was worked out so that we flew first class all the way, stayed at the best places, were met at each airport by an English-speaking guide and chauffeur, and appointments were made in advance with government officials, and key business people in each country.

We not only take care of our research, business wise, but it was my privilege to visit Edinburgh in Scotland and walk on the same ground that the great Thomas Troward walked. I visited India and talked to some of the great teachers of the Far East. I visited Pakistan, Siam, Singapore, Australia, the Olympic Games, New Zealand, the Fiji Islands, and spent Christmas in Honolulu.

Someone may ask, what did you do with your young children? What did you do with your many business enterprises? Were you not gone for months? Well, remember the Count to Four Formula takes care of everything. Yes, everything. We arranged to leave our two children with professional people. Our son, age 13, was in a private boarding school during the week and with my brothers and sisters and friends on weekends. Our six-year-old daughter stayed with our good neighbors, where she lived most of the time while we were at home. Neither of the children seemed to suffer for the two months while we’re were away from them. We joined them in two months in Honolulu for Christmas where we spent two weeks.

My main business enterprise almost doubled in “the number of units of service rendered in any one month” while we were gone. When you really go all out on the “Count to Four Formula” everything works out well for you. The trip around the world was made possible because of the formula because it appeared that there were a hundred reasons why it could not be done at the time.

I might share with you the biggest thing I learned from the world tour. I learned that people everywhere are just wonderful people. That every country is doing the best it can at this time, considering the hundreds of traditions with which they are bound. It will take decades and maybe centuries to break the bonds of false beliefs and traditions and limitations in some parts of the world. But, at heart, they are wonderful people everywhere.

We came back to the United States with a new realization that we are in a country made up of free-thinking people, and we are truly the land of unlimited opportunities.

We have one language, one money system and one supreme national government that is founded under God and is dedicated to expressing the spirit of Abraham Lincoln, that is of being “a government of the people, by the people and for the people.” I believe that we will always be that kind of a country and that kind of a government, regardless of what the doubters may say.

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